To enhance its staff’s capability, HU-UFL has paid much attention to promoting research at the university. Many practical research works have been carried out in the fields of language methodology, contrastive linguistics, culture, humanities, and so on. There have been more than 108 research works at all levels conducted by the staff and students. HU-UFL lecturers and researchers published more than 196 articles in scientific periodicals of HU-UFL, approximately 70 articles in domestic scientific journals, and 33 research papers in international journals during 2012 and 2016.

The University hosts and co-hosts annual science conferences with topical issues in training, education and management. Scientists and teaching staff from unviersities in the country and in the world have participated into these conferences and contributed considerably to the academic research atmosphere of the university. The most successful inter-university and international conferences held namely "Interpretation-Translation issues", "American Studies", "Joint training programs with international universities", “Interdisciplinary research in language education” have made the university well-known for its science capability and organisation scope.