Reception of Taiken Academy, Japan 2017-12-18

On the afternoon of December 15th 2017, University of Foreign Languages, Hue University held a meeting with the delegation of Taiken Academy of Japan, led by Mr Michio Shibaoka – President, on the cooperation exchange of two educational institutions.


Dr. Bao Kham - Rector, Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong Tra - Dean of Japanese Language  and Culture Faculty and representatives of Office for Science, Technology and International Cooperation took part in the meeting.

Taiken Academy is a prestigious  institute in Japan, with many regional institutes located in many provinces and cities, with fields of training such as sports (in Tokyo, Hiroshima, Niigata, Kitakyushu);  pet (in Tokyo), and medicine (in Tokyo).

At the meeting, Dr Bao Kham introduced the training scale of the university, he confirmed that University of Foreign Languages, Hue University is a prestigious University training on foreign languages in Vietnam. The president of Taiken Academy expressed his wish to cooperate with the University in recruiting excellent students from HU-UFL to study and introducing them to work at companies in Japan. The two sides also aim to open the Center for Japanese Language and Culture at University of Foreign Languages, Hue University in the soonest time.