News on CITO Workshop 2018-01-05

Under the framework of the National Foreign Languages 2020 Project, and continuing the work of professional development for the national key team in testing and assessment conducted during the period 2014 – 2016, University Foreign Languages, Hue University in cooperation with Cito B.V. (The Netherlands) successfully organized the training workshop on “the Establishment, maintainance and management of an item bank" from 18 to 22 December 2017.

The workshop attracted more than 30 lecturers  from the key universities actively participating in the National Foreign Languages 2020 Project. During a working week, the experts from the Cito B.V. presented and shared their knowledge regarding the role of item bank in test design; essential elements in creating an item bank, and sub-classify the four skills of English as a foreign language; apply Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory in creating a test and an item banking; arranging automatic test items and adaptive test models; and the issue of maintainance, confidentiality and other practical issues related item bank.

The training workshop has played an important role in raising the awareness and developing the knowledge and skills of creating an item bank, which helps contribute to the quality improvement of testing and assessment in educational institutions.