The history of foundation and development of foreign languages faculties from 1957 to the establishment of  University of Foreign Languages, Hue University in 2004.


1. The University of Hue (1957 - 1976).

The University of Hue’s establishment on 1st March, 1957 was a milestone, marking the inevitable development of the tradition of hospitality, education and training, history and traditions of the ancient capital city of Hue, the political, economic and cultural centre of the Central and the whole country. The University of Hue initially had 5 faculties namely Pedagogy, Science, Letters, Law and Arts. Two years later in 1959, Faculty of Medicine was formed. At this time, only Faculty of Pedagogy and Faculty of Letters had the function of training students specialising in English and French. English and French faculty members were recruited from graduate students with highest academic achievement or teachers from high schools, including five lecturers of English and five lecturers of French. The number of faculty members at the time was rather small, thus foreign lecturers and lecturers of Saigon University were also invited to teach. 


2. After the Liberation (1979 - 1994)

After the country’s reunification, the University of Hue made a change in the organizational and management model: College of Hue, Hue College of Pedagogy, Hue College of  Medicine were established on the basis of separation by the University of Hue. From 1977 to 1978, at Hue College of Pedagogy, the English and French department merged and became the Department of Foreign Languages. In the academic year 1979 - 1980, the Division of Russian ​​was added into the faculty. In the academic year 1989-1990, on the basis of the Deparment of Foreign Languages, three new departments, namely Department of Russian, Department of English, Department of French were established  and in 1991, Department of Chinese was established. In October 1978, College of Hue, now known as Hue University College of Sciences, established the Department of Foreign Languages, which consists of two majors, English and Russian. In parallel with the training of foreign language teachers and students at the University of Hue and Hue University of Pedagogy, teaching ​​English, French and Russian as non-specialized foreign languages is also implemented with a relatively large number of faculty members at other colleges in Hue such as College of Agriculture and Forestry, College of Medicine, College of Arts after the Liberation Day.


3. Hue University (1994 - 2004)

Hue University was established on 4/4/1994, according to the Decree No. 30 / CP by the Prime Minister, including  member colleges which are College of Pedagogy, College of Sciences, College of Medicine, College of Agriculture and Forestry, College of Arts. In this period, foreign language training (teachers and bachelors of foreign languages ​​and non-specialised languages) continued to be trained at member universities as in the previous period but the scale was expanded. Lecturers of foreign language at the departments continuously developed in both quantity and quality with an increasing number of lecturers holding master's and doctoral degrees. 


4.  University of Foreign Languages, Hue University

University of Foreign Languages, Hue University ​​was established on July 13, 2004 under Decision No. 126/2004/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on the basis of merging departments of foreign languages ​​from other member affiliations of Hue University. Since its establishment, the university was temporarily set up at 27 Phan Dinh Phung, Hue City. In early August 2007, the university moved to the planning area - Hue University Village, 57 Nguyen Khoa Chiem Street, An Cuu Ward, Hue City.